Vehicle Modeling and Simulation Laboratory


The Vehicle Modeling and Simulation Laboratory (VMSL) is first of its kind at Ohio University. The VMSL will be focused on to study the various vehicle parameters, the driving environment, and the driver’s reaction to those situations. The generalized flowchart will be utilized for the above mentioned study. Central to this flowchart is the CarSim software. The CarSim software provides the mathematical model for the vehicle. User input like steering angle, acceleration is Applied on the mathematical model of the vehicle provided through carsim. The various vehicle parameters like speed, yaw-rate, force on tires etc can be plot easily and are feed back to the Simulink/Labview. The Simulink/Labview acts as a controller which studies all this parameters from control and stability point of view and makes a decision to augument driver input or not. We can also script various road scenarios through carsim. Further Vehicles can be tailored by defining the powertrain, weight and dimensions, tires as required . Adding to this, the VMSL has the capabilities to study the sensors package like LIDAR, Radars, vision systems, etc.